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Name:Ann Darrow
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
And lo, the beast looked upon beauty, and beauty stayed his hand. And from that day forward, he was as one dead.


Life has never been precisely easy for Ann Darrow. Born to a working class family in 1909; left by her father after her eighth birthday; finally left alone by the death of her mother in 1927. From a young age, Ann has had a knack for physical comedy, singing, and performing, and her talents were noticed by a vaudevillian theater manager.

The troupe became Ann’s family, but she always felt like she was destined for something more. She discovered Jack Driscoll’s work and decided that was what she was destined for – real theatre, real acting, with the generation’s best playwright.

Unfortunately, a resume of vaudeville and not much else is not exactly conducive to getting cast in Federal Theater projects.

Canon summary

spoiler spoiler spoiler

It starts when the theater shuts down, after months of barely skating along, and goes downhill from there. Ann’s mentor and father-figure, Manny, drops the bombshell that he’s going back to Chicago – he doesn’t have enough money to stay in New York during the Depression – and leaving Ann alone. Again.

Out on the streets, Ann is hired by Carl Denham to star in his latest film, written by Jack Driscoll. Ann is skeptical at first, but agrees.

On the ship to the filming location, Ann and Jack fall in love.

The ship is destined for the ominously named and supposedly uninhabited Skull Island, though the crew doesn’t know it until they run aground on it. Carl takes his crew onshore to film, discovers the island isn’t so uninhabited after all, and makes the mistake of antagonizing the natives. Most of the crew escape back to the ship.

Ann has a bad feeling about all of it.

That night, her fears come true. The natives kidnap her to be sacrificed to the creature that lives behind the wall on the island – Kong . . . .

But Kong – a giant gorilla –is more interested in just playing with Ann, instead of eating her as she feared. And when she escapes him and is chased by some of the island’s more dangerous denizens, he protects her. Ann comes to look on him as an overgrown kid: easy to please, simple-minded, prone to temper tantrums, and protective of the one beautiful thing he has – her.

Jack finally finds Ann, a little over a day after her kidnapping. They escape the jungle with Kong hot on their heels. Carl, recognizing a box-office blockbuster when he sees one, uses Ann as bait to kidnap the great ape. Jack prevents her from stopping the kidnapping, and Ann sees it as a betrayal.

Back in New York, Ann more or less disappears for a few months. Carl offers her a lead in a Broadway show starring Kong, but she refuses, and takes a job as one of the faceless, identical chorus girls at the De Luxe theater.

Ann, physically

Ann is a slim, petite woman with naturally golden hair and blue eyes. She’s very comfortable in her body from a life of slapstick physical comedy, and she knows how to make it do what she wants. She can juggle, dance, do some gymnastics that make normal people wince, and fall without hurting herself.

She’s a size 4.

Ann, personality

Ann’s default state is optimistic and out-going. She doesn’t mind being the center of attention, but doesn’t necessarily seek it out. There is deep sadness behind the cheer, though. Life has not been easy for her. Carl Denham says that she’s “the saddest girl I’ve ever met.”

After the events of canon, Ann suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. She’s quieter, more somber.

This is a journal for the online RPG [info]milliways_bar. Ann Darrow belongs to the writers of the original
King Kong and the creators of Peter Jackson’s adaptation. I’m none of them. Nor am I Naomi Watts. No money is being made off this whatsoever.

Please to not be suing. :D

The banner in Ann's journal is courtesy [info]buongiornodaisy. All hail her mad skillz.

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